Trump And His Anti Black Views

Anti Black Views

If you look at the way Donald Trump conducted his presidential campaign, he definitely did not warm up towards the blacks. Indeed, his stance has never been a pro-African American. Hence it should not surprise people to find that the national poll findings showcase that he gets about one percent vote from the blacks. This can be counted as nearly nonexistent. There was nearly zero support obtained by him as a presidential nominee from this community. And they represent about fourteen percent of the total population of the country or forty-six million voters in actual numbers.

Anti Black Views

One might wonder what Trump did that put off this population segment, so against his camp. He seems to have disengaged himself from this community, showed indifference as he did not propose any policies that were aimed towards helping the blacks as well as passed racist and offensive statements that were deemed as insults against this community.

Indeed, Trump’s campaign with racist under-linings started as far back as 2011. At such a time he led the Birther movement that was racially charged which was aimed towards delegitimizing the presidency of Barack Obama. About 45 years ago, he had been sued by the US Justice Department when he refused to rent his apartments to people of the black community. Other accusations that he made against this community were statements like the blacks being lazy people and it might be no coincidence that black workers were removed from the casinos that he owned, especially before his arrival at these places.

From the time he was considered a presidential candidate from 2015; his racist behavior went up several levels. He encouraged violence against black protesters in rallies and even offered to pay the legal expenses that a white offender became eligible for when he attacked a black protestor. Hence, it is evident that the billionaire, elitist backdrop that Trump showcases, there is no place for the black community. He does not make attempts to conceal his views that blacks are not his equals and they are not worth his or his administration’s time and efforts. He has been invited to come and meet black voters in different neighborhoods, to come to conventions, churches and colleges or universities that are predominated by the blacks which he has routinely turned down. His insensitivity towards this community is often on full display for all to see.