Racism in Brooklyn

Some might think that Brooklyn is not very friendly to black people, well lets look at this story. Prentice Pilot, a police officer of Brooklyn, claimed to have been victimized by racism in the police department. He awaited subsequent hearings at a meeting of a board of selectmen in the Brooklyn town hall which took place last year. There were also protests raised by certain communities who were Brooklyn citizens. They held up signs stating Black Lives Matter and the crowds packed in at the town hall a few days before Christmas came about last year. Brooklyn is considered to be a liberal town in the country and is also a wealthy municipality. It is said to be a place where the voices of the residents heard before the town’s ruling members and the selectmen are known to be left-leaning. The rabble that was roused that night had good reason as well.


The issue was around Prentice Pilot’s case who was one of the few black officers on the rolls of the police department of the town. He stated that a superior office had used racial slurs which included the N-word.  He also accused him of jumping the ranks in order to get a promotion. This was not the only instance, as per Pilot. He stated that there had been other instances of racism as well. Even though he has put in exemplary behavior for about 17 years, he states that there are very few people of the minority races who get elected to decision making positions. There has not been a case of a black supervisor who has made it to superior ranks over a decade in the police department. Also, Brooklyn has not more than two black people as department heads in the history of the town. There were other claims that Pilot puts forward that went against the liberal reputation that Brooklyn has. Pilot’s statements were supported by another policeman of color who stated that racial abuse was widespread in the police department.

However, the board of selectmen shut down the residents who were eager to put forward their views against the allegations made. Indeed, the board soon shut down and stormed out of the meeting, which went widely against the liberal stance that it takes.