Media And Science Studies On Racism


There have been several instances where the media have published scientific findings or studies about racism and related issues which have only elicited one response from black people, rolling their eyes and saying that I told you so. The eye roll emoji was probably invented for the black people, particularly as they find themselves using it freely as they read new studies published on different media channels and find them using the emoji to say that it is old news or that they have known it all along.

There have been several studies that echo the sentiments of black people who seem to be proactive and help others realize the issues of racism that they might not have found evident till now. For instance, the study that says that black girls are likely to get suspension more easily in grad schools than others. There has been a study done by the National Women’s Law Center that found that girls of color are more likely to be suspended, about 5.5 times than white girls on grounds of misbehavior. The rate of expulsion from school is about 6.1 times higher for black girls. My friend from roofing surrey had a daughter in school who was suspended for talkign back to a teacher once, although it hd been reported that other students had done the same with zero repercussions. 

There have been interviews where black girls and women have talked about the discrimination they faced in different schools. Many talked about how teachers discriminated and how their reactions towards black girls and women were different from how they reacted to other students. Some even state that they were accused to have an attitude problem if they tried to speak up or even being sent home on trivial matters such as their hair texture.

There have been other interesting studies as well, such as Uber being racist against black passengers. As per a study published in 2016 by Slate in National Bureau of Economic Research, a study confirmed that if a name was considered black it was likely to be canceled for an Uber trip as against the names of passengers considered to be white.

Other studies have been done on different traits of black men and women, which are ridiculous but seem to be true. For instance, a study states that black women who flaunt natural hair are often discriminated against. This was an interesting find that was reported as a study finding in Teen Vogue. Here Perception Institute reported that women of color are often biased against as per their hair color and the ones who discriminate against them, most are white women.