Issues Black People Face

Black People

As a country, Canada has tried to bring changes in laws to bring about equality among the white and black people living in the country. Even today most Canadians will agree on the fact that black people still face many issues in the country and more effort is needed to achieve equality among people of different races. Black people still face many issues which affect their peaceful life in the country. Blacks feel that their community has not been treated fairly in the workplace, by the police, when approaching for mortgages and loans and in stores and restaurants.

  •         Racial discrimination

The blacks are still facing problems like racially motivated killing. They feel that blacks are not getting equal rights in the country like the whites. There are whites in the government think that much more is to be done for the blacks to give equality to them. There are others who feel that the country has already provided necessary things to ensure the same rights for the blacks. Blacks believe that this racial discrimination is preventing them from reaching equal to the whites. In the last 10 years, racial tensions have grown in the country and this is a cause of worry for the blacks as well as Hispanics.

Black People

  •         Family instability

Incarceration is a major reason for family instability among the blacks. The percentage of black people incarcerated is far higher than the whites in the country. When the head of the family or any other family member get incarceration, this affects the other members of the family. When the head of the family is not there to support the family, the children drop out of schools and turn to criminal activities. There are many fatherless black households in the country which result in poor financial conditions of the family.

  •         Educational issues

The achievement gaps in education are more among the whites and blacks in the country. Public policies do not support the schools to which students from black community are attending. These schools do not get adequate funds from community organization which reduces the interest of the teaching force and success of the students. The black students who join for advanced courses or who get honors are very few in number when compared to other racial groups.

In short, racial discrimination is the major problem which leads to other issues for the black. So, to overcome the issues faced by the blacks, there should be proper support from the authorities and from the society which includes the white citizens.