Trump And His Anti Black Views

If you look at the way Donald Trump conducted his presidential campaign, he definitely did not warm up towards the blacks. Indeed, his stance has never been a pro-African American. Hence it should not surprise people to find that the national poll findings showcase that he gets about one percent vote from the blacks. This can be counted as nearly nonexistent. There was nearly zero support obtained by him as a presidential nominee from this community. And they represent about fourteen percent of the total population of the country or forty-six million voters in actual numbers.

Anti Black Views

One might wonder what Trump did that put off this population segment, so against his camp. He seems to have disengaged himself from this community, showed indifference as he did not propose any policies that were aimed towards helping the blacks as well as passed racist and offensive statements that were deemed as insults against this community.

Indeed, Trump’s campaign with racist under-linings started as far back as 2011. At such a time he led the Birther movement that was racially charged which was aimed towards delegitimizing the presidency of Barack Obama. About 45 years ago, he had been sued by the US Justice Department when he refused to rent his apartments to people of the black community. Other accusations that he made against this community were statements like the blacks being lazy people and it might be no coincidence that black workers were removed from the casinos that he owned, especially before his arrival at these places.

From the time he was considered a presidential candidate from 2015; his racist behavior went up several levels. He encouraged violence against black protesters in rallies and even offered to pay the legal expenses that a white offender became eligible for when he attacked a black protestor. Hence, it is evident that the billionaire, elitist backdrop that Trump showcases, there is no place for the black community. He does not make attempts to conceal his views that blacks are not his equals and they are not worth his or his administration’s time and efforts. He has been invited to come and meet black voters in different neighborhoods, to come to conventions, churches and colleges or universities that are predominated by the blacks which he has routinely turned down. His insensitivity towards this community is often on full display for all to see.

Media And Science Studies On Racism

There have been several instances where the media have published scientific findings or studies about racism and related issues which have only elicited one response from black people, rolling their eyes and saying that I told you so. The eye roll emoji was probably invented for the black people, particularly as they find themselves using it freely as they read new studies published on different media channels and find them using the emoji to say that it is old news or that they have known it all along.

There have been several studies that echo the sentiments of black people who seem to be proactive and help others realize the issues of racism that they might not have found evident till now. For instance, the study that says that black girls are likely to get suspension more easily in grad schools than others. There has been a study done by the National Women’s Law Center that found that girls of color are more likely to be suspended, about 5.5 times than white girls on grounds of misbehavior. The rate of expulsion from school is about 6.1 times higher for black girls. My friend from roofing surrey had a daughter in school who was suspended for talkign back to a teacher once, although it hd been reported that other students had done the same with zero repercussions. 

There have been interviews where black girls and women have talked about the discrimination they faced in different schools. Many talked about how teachers discriminated and how their reactions towards black girls and women were different from how they reacted to other students. Some even state that they were accused to have an attitude problem if they tried to speak up or even being sent home on trivial matters such as their hair texture.

There have been other interesting studies as well, such as Uber being racist against black passengers. As per a study published in 2016 by Slate in National Bureau of Economic Research, a study confirmed that if a name was considered black it was likely to be canceled for an Uber trip as against the names of passengers considered to be white.

Other studies have been done on different traits of black men and women, which are ridiculous but seem to be true. For instance, a study states that black women who flaunt natural hair are often discriminated against. This was an interesting find that was reported as a study finding in Teen Vogue. Here Perception Institute reported that women of color are often biased against as per their hair color and the ones who discriminate against them, most are white women.

Racism in Brooklyn

Some might think that Brooklyn is not very friendly to black people, well lets look at this story. Prentice Pilot, a police officer of Brooklyn, claimed to have been victimized by racism in the police department. He awaited subsequent hearings at a meeting of a board of selectmen in the Brooklyn town hall which took place last year. There were also protests raised by certain communities who were Brooklyn citizens. They held up signs stating Black Lives Matter and the crowds packed in at the town hall a few days before Christmas came about last year. Brooklyn is considered to be a liberal town in the country and is also a wealthy municipality. It is said to be a place where the voices of the residents heard before the town’s ruling members and the selectmen are known to be left-leaning. The rabble that was roused that night had good reason as well.


The issue was around Prentice Pilot’s case who was one of the few black officers on the rolls of the police department of the town. He stated that a superior office had used racial slurs which included the N-word.  He also accused him of jumping the ranks in order to get a promotion. This was not the only instance, as per Pilot. He stated that there had been other instances of racism as well. Even though he has put in exemplary behavior for about 17 years, he states that there are very few people of the minority races who get elected to decision making positions. There has not been a case of a black supervisor who has made it to superior ranks over a decade in the police department. Also, Brooklyn has not more than two black people as department heads in the history of the town. There were other claims that Pilot puts forward that went against the liberal reputation that Brooklyn has. Pilot’s statements were supported by another policeman of color who stated that racial abuse was widespread in the police department.

However, the board of selectmen shut down the residents who were eager to put forward their views against the allegations made. Indeed, the board soon shut down and stormed out of the meeting, which went widely against the liberal stance that it takes.

Issues Black People Face

As a country, Canada has tried to bring changes in laws to bring about equality among the white and black people living in the country. Even today most Canadians will agree on the fact that black people still face many issues in the country and more effort is needed to achieve equality among people of different races. Black people still face many issues which affect their peaceful life in the country. Blacks feel that their community has not been treated fairly in the workplace, by the police, when approaching for mortgages and loans and in stores and restaurants.

  •         Racial discrimination

The blacks are still facing problems like racially motivated killing. They feel that blacks are not getting equal rights in the country like the whites. There are whites in the government think that much more is to be done for the blacks to give equality to them. There are others who feel that the country has already provided necessary things to ensure the same rights for the blacks. Blacks believe that this racial discrimination is preventing them from reaching equal to the whites. In the last 10 years, racial tensions have grown in the country and this is a cause of worry for the blacks as well as Hispanics.

Black People

  •         Family instability

Incarceration is a major reason for family instability among the blacks. The percentage of black people incarcerated is far higher than the whites in the country. When the head of the family or any other family member get incarceration, this affects the other members of the family. When the head of the family is not there to support the family, the children drop out of schools and turn to criminal activities. There are many fatherless black households in the country which result in poor financial conditions of the family.

  •         Educational issues

The achievement gaps in education are more among the whites and blacks in the country. Public policies do not support the schools to which students from black community are attending. These schools do not get adequate funds from community organization which reduces the interest of the teaching force and success of the students. The black students who join for advanced courses or who get honors are very few in number when compared to other racial groups.

In short, racial discrimination is the major problem which leads to other issues for the black. So, to overcome the issues faced by the blacks, there should be proper support from the authorities and from the society which includes the white citizens.