The treatment towards the blacks is not always done with the right purpose. There are many who treat the blacks differently, just because their skin color is different. The treatment towards the blacks is mainly based on their skin color and not their heritage. There need to be things instilled in the minds of people that the blacks are also people like others who have the same feelings and emotions that we do. This is a blog that fights for the black people and their rights. It is our duty to try to establish a connection between the moral choices and the people of different races and colors.

We do not stand by hate and racism and we fight against them. We want everyone to be treated equally and there must not be any difference in the treatment meted to the people with white skin, brown skin, or the black skin. We are determined to build a better and peaceful world that is filled with love and affection and one where the hatred and terrorism do not stand a chance. We firmly believe that there is no time and it is only us.

We are looking at creating a racism free community and want to build racial equality in the country. This is why we organize programs and services to teach and preach about equality among all. We undertake programs in schools, colleges, and local communities to educate people about quality and to say no to racism. We try to teach everyone that all people, either black or white, need to be treated as one among us.